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Below are samples of my work that I have completed over the years at Radford University. I love designing new and different things, I am very creative and take great pride in all of my work.

"This one step -- choosing a goal and sticking to it -- changes everything."
~Scott Reed


PowerPoint Presentations:

Austria Presentation--For my Economics 340 class I had to create a presentation on a country of interest. My choice was Austria since I have traveled there on a number of different occasions.

Delta Sigma Pi Presentation--In my Management of Change class we had to conduct a change project of an organization in the community of Radford. My group picked the Omicron Pi chapter here at Radford University.

Pearl Buck Presentation--In a literature class I had to pick from a selection of astounding poets and create a presentation of their life and legacy.

FreeMarkets OnLine Presentation--In Marketing Management our professor administered cases on companies that deal with issues in the market today and current status of their given markets. This case was just one of the many analyzed over the course of the semester.

Proposed Organization Chart--During my Internship I also created a proposed organizational chart for the BGCSWVA using PowerPoint. I updated and reformatted the organizations previous organizational with a new and improved version.



Interim Report for Delta Sigma Pi--In conclusion to my Management of Change project we had to create a Final Interim report stating the findings from the change project, which then was presented to our professor for grading.

Organizational Analysis Report for the BGCSWVA--During my Spring Internship with the Radford University Leadership and Development Center, I conducted a job task analysis for the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Virginia (BGCSWVA). I was presented with the opportunity to present my project at the Radford University Undergraduate/Graduate Forum in late April. My Internships main goal was to create findings and recommendations for the BGCSWVA from analytical research and practice, which created a final report of our findings.



Radford University flyer--I created this particular flyer for our pledge class community service event at a local high school to help students become more aware of there future and the decisions that need to be made



Contact Information Chart for the BGCSWVA--Upon completion of the Organizational Analysis Report for the BGCSWVA I created a chart of all employee contact information and schedule of interviews.


If you would like more information on any of the following or are interesting in seeing more of my work send me an e-mail at the address below I would love to hear your input and responses.

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