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     I am from the small town of Mount Sidney, Virginia. I was born and raised there all of my life. I attended and graduated from Fort Defiance High School with honors in 2003. May of that same year my parents opened a local convenience store/gas station and now we have ran Taylor's Grocery for four years. I have one sibling, a brother named Matt. He is sixteen years old and is eager to get his license. I have a very close-nit family, they mean the world to me and have always stood behind me one hundred percent. My mother and father have been happily married for 27 years. My mother 'Debbie' runs and manages our business. My father 'Roger' is a mechanical engineer and works for Neuman Aluminum in Waynesboro, Virginia. He is currently living and working back in Waynesboro after completing a two year positions stationed in Austria.

     I love to travel, I have traveled to Mexico, Germany, England, France and Austria three times. I thankful that I have had many opportunities to travel abroad. I have traveled to many historical parts of Austria and also had the chance to travel through Germany. Traveling is something that I am passionate about I love to visit new and exciting places and learn about different cultures. 

     I am a very passionate person when it comes to achieving the highest standards. I am goal oriented, I always aim to be successful. I am a diligent worker and like to get things done on time while still having fun with a project. I absolutely love working with people. I have acquired great communication skills throughout my experience with the public and in my previous work experience. I have been faced with many different situations and have always been able to solve them to make the optimal solution for the company and the customer.


     I am graduating on May 5th, 2007 as a double major in Marketing and Management. I am proud of my accomplishments here at Radford University. I am currently seeking full-time employment in Augusta County, Virginia. Please take a few moments to take a look at what I have to offer your company.





E-Mail me: mltaylor@radford.edu